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Philip is a software engineer at NexSens Technology, Inc. He studied computer science and geology at The University of Dayton and is now NexSens' lead mobile app developer and product manager of WQData LIVE. He is the head writer for the Better Data Blog and has a passion for new technology.

Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park district is one of the largest municipal park managers in the nation with 8,100 acres of green space spread across 580 different parks. It also manages many indoor facilities, historical landmarks, and beaches. Eight of Chicago’s most popular beaches have weather stations or water quality buoys monitoring environmental conditions around the clock. These monitoring locations are all interconnected and push data up to WQData LIVE, forming a very large and important data monitoring network.

Apple WWDC 2015

The dust hasn’t even settled from Google I/O 2015 and already the tech world is being hit with more major software announcements. Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) began on Monday, June 8 with an entertaining opening skit featuring drones, angry birds, and the comedian, Bill Hader.

Fieldbook Redesign

In anticipation of the LIVE Fieldbook mobile app, the web field book has been completely redesigned. The new design will make Fieldbooks easier to use and more consistent with the layout of the app making it a more unified cross platform experience.

Google I/O 2015

Every year towards the end of May Google holds a conference to announce all the latest and greatest products that are being worked on by the tech giant. This year, there was one announcement that got us at NexSens Technology very excited.

Regional Science Consortium

The Regional Science Consortium, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, runs a complex environmental project consisting of three water quality buoys and two terrestrial data monitoring towers. All of these systems were built by NexSens Technology, which continues to maintain and update them. All of the systems log data and send them to the cloud to be hosted on WQData LIVE.