App Alert: LIVE Datacenter

NexSens Technology, Inc. has just released the first of a number of planned mobile apps powered by WQData LIVE. The LIVE Datacenter is the perfect way to give the public access to your project’s data on any smartphone or tablet. Using the LIVE Datacenter is as simple as opening the app and selecting the project you are interested in. Users will also have the ability to subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts about various environmental conditions. The WQData LIVE project administrator can set up alarms and alerts for the project and then choose which ones to include as public notifications. Check out the LIVE Data Center App Page for more information.


Featured Image Credit: Nate Christopher

About Philip Flynn

Philip is a software engineer at NexSens Technology, Inc. He studied computer science and geology at The University of Dayton and is now NexSens' lead mobile app developer and product manager of WQData LIVE. He is the head writer for the Better Data Blog and has a passion for new technology.

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